Sweet Night

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About the model

Two-sided mattress, with different degrees of hardness.

From one side this is the mattress with an orthopaedic effect that is based on a block of material «Sonnocel» with increased density.
From the other side the mattress has a layer of «Memory» foam, providing the maximum anatomical effect.
«Memory» foam is a material with memory effect, which has the ability to memorize the attached force and maintain the shape of your body.
It is made from visco-elastic latex foam of high density, which is compressed by the influence of human warmth and self-straightens within several seconds. This finely porous structure is self-venting and allows the air to circulate freely within the material, maintaining a constant temperature and humidity. The porous structure consists of cells that have an open shape and represent tiny "springs". The material structure allows the cells to move under pressure to change their position. The material is specially designed for recreating the most natural position of the human body while sleeping . 

The mattress becomes softer in contact with the body, takes its contour and distributes its weight evenly across the surface. At the same time, «Memory» foam provides better support for the bends, which are often left without a sufficient support, for example, waist and neck. Entire musculoskeletal system is maintained in the correct anatomical position. «Memory» foam has properties of reducing pressure to all human organs. Gradually softening, the mattress literally envelops you, without any effect on the skin, internal organs, respiratory and cardiovascular systems. In addition to comfortable and sound sleep, «Memory» foam provides a soft orthopaedic correction, reducing by 85% need to toss and turn while sleeping.
You will always have a perfectly correct position while lying on the «Memory» mattress. A necessary support for the head and neck will relieve sleeplessness, snoring, allergies, headaches and noise pressures. An anti-stress framework will always remove stress after work or increased strain. «Memory» ensures during the sleep the straightening of all the strains and stresses of the spine  which were incurred during the day.
Thus, having the sides with different degrees of hardness, the mattress «SWEET NIGHT» http://snite.ua/matrasy/ will suit everyone and ensure a good night-long sleep.

Technical features

Materials used
Sonnocel – microporous block with orthopaedic and anatomical effects. Tnt – non-woven fibre, woven fibre, natural cotton,
160х200 см
19-20 см