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About the model

Orthopaedic mattresses, on the base of high-tech material "Sonnocel" block

Orthopaedic mattresses, on the base of high-tech material "Sonnocel" block. This material made from latex, its structure is micro-porous configuration which is similar to a honeycomb structure, with air cells that provide a set of the following distinctive features: 

  • A perfectly balanced support for the body, which combines anatomic and orthopaedic effects without too much pressure and hardness. This helps to relax the spine and its support in natural position, which is the main precondition for proper blood circulation, the proper functioning of the nervous system and other organs. 
  • High breathability, perfect thermal and moisture regulation, combined with a special coating which prevents the spread of dust mites, fungi and bacteria, thus ensuring maximum hygiene. 
  • High durability and stable shape without the possibility of deformation provides long-lasting and consistently effective lifespan of mattresses. 
  • No metal parts used, which eliminates the harmful effects of the magnetics and electrostatics on the body

A distinctive feature of the "NIGHT" mattresses TM "Snite” is also a cotton cover with a unique "ANTIAKARO" treatment, which protects the mattress from the development of different kinds of parasites. 

An extra hygienic protection is vacuum packaging of the mattress, which confirms the integrity and purity of the product. In addition, such packaging allows 90% reduction in the size of a new mattress, which is especially useful when you need a self-transportation of the product, and also reduces the possibility of damage of walls or furniture when carrying the mattress. 

Mattresses are made with the help of high-tech equipment of European factory, exclusively from environmentally friendly materials, not damaging the environment, both during production and operation. All materials are certified and have passed strict testing for conformity with international quality standards

Technical features

Materials used
Sonnocel – microporous block with orthopaedic and anatomical effects. Tnt – non-woven fibre, woven fibre, natural cotton.
190х90, 195х90, 140х70, 160х200
10, 16 cm