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About the model

Idea: office furniture-transformer.

This furniture is characterized by high functionability, comfort and unique possibility to transform office space.

Roller-type supports of tables allow you to move a couple of pieces in a flash and turn your office in a little conference hall, a room for business negotiations or training.

Roller systems with decorative plastics are space-saving, and various office accessories create comfort and include original accents into “Action” furniture design, which follows the best traditions of modernism.

Technical features

Materials used
DSP-woodchip board “Interspan” (Hungary)
Thickness; DSP-woodchip board (mm)
Production, edge thickness (mm)
Dollken/2; 0,5 (Germany)
Colour of DSP-woodchip board
light wild pear, pear, grey "Manhattan", green apple, terracotta, anthracite
ribbed glass "Krezet", roller- systems for desk drawer-units