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About the model

This collection is like “LEGO” construction set, it includes a wide range of elements, and a various palette of possible colors.

The most cherished “secrets” of your child will be safely preserved here, whether in a “hiding place inside the ladder” or a “secret place” under the bed. 

“L-class” colleciton is a great building material for any child's room. You can play with combinations of colors, the more colors – the merrier it will be!


Play with the combinations of colors, the more colors the merrier it will be!

Technical features

Materials used
DSP-woodchip board (Hungary), MDF panels (Austria)
Thickness; DSP-woodchip board (mm)
25, 18,10
Production, edge thickness (mm)
0,5 (Germany)
Colour of DSP-woodchip boarde
Light wild pear tree, natural wild pear tree, pear tree, beige, turquoise, light blue, blue, green apple
Rounded edges of the furniture to protect your child from injuries.