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About the model

Idea: to create an office with much light and air.

A characteristic feature of “Vega” furniture is its visual lightness, which is possible due to use of metal tubes and glass. The main material — woodchip board — helps in making our price policy “democratic”, and thanks to it this furniture is available to a wide range of customers.

Expressiveness of the table shape is balanced with calmness and laconism of the wall unit in the background, which consists of a set of open shelves and mounted cabinets. Moderate “avant-gardism” of the design allows using this furniture both in an ultramodern office and in a successful firm that prefers classical and traditional style.

Modern and original colour scheme of “Vega” furniture is based on texture contrast that freshens the atmosphere, dispels boredom, gets you prepared for effective work, wakes up intelligence, initiative and talent.

Technical features

Materials used
DSP-woodchip board EGGER (Austria)
Thickness; DSP-woodchip board (mm)
Production, edge thickness (mm)
Dollken/2; 0,5 (Germany)
Colour of DSP-woodchip board, edge
cream wood, zebrano beige-grey
attachable side-table made of glass, leather elements