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About the model

Idea: to implement new tendencies in the design of office furniture.

A person who feels a tendency can turn his steps in the right direction. Office system “Plazma” is the perfect combination of laconism and practicability that are characteristic for any office furniture, with soft silhouette and warm “home-like” colour scheme, i.e. bleached and chocolate oak. These colours relieve the tension and pressure of a working day.

Matte glass in aluminum frame brings an element of charm and respectability into the interior of your office. Wide choice of elements and lots of possible combination will create the perfect comfort for your work.

“Plazma” furniture looks monumental and stylish, makes a positive impression and disposes to a friendly dialogue and profitable cooperation.

Technical features

Materials used
DSP-woodchip board EGGER (Austria)
Thickness; DSP-woodchip board (mm)
Production, edge thickness (mm)
Dollken/2; 0,5 (Germany)
Colour of DSP-woodchip board, edge
bleached oak, chocolate oak, white
Tinted glass, "white satin"