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About the model

Idea: to create respectable furniture for a reputable company.

Office system “Titan” personifies stability and leading market position.

The center of any office — the working table — is certain to attract attention with its original design: heavy table top of traditional shape is made in triplex style. Furniture colour scheme can satisfy any customer, even a hard-to-please one.

Movable cabinets, briefing attachments, different combinations of shelves and closets allow equipping the working place in the most functional way, and comfort of furniture constructions helps you keep your efficiency till the very end of any working day be it the hottest one.

Technical features

Materials used
DSP-woodchip board “Interspan” (Hungary)
Thickness; DSP-woodchip board (mm)
Production, edge thickness (mm)
Dollken/2; 0,5 (Germany)
Colour of woodchip board, edge
nut, cognac pear, anthracite
Tinted glass "Graphite", table-tops "triplex"