For children

Snyland S

Серия Snyland создана для детей от самого маленького возраста и собрала в себе элементы для развития, игры и максимального комфорта ребенка.


Sophistication and smooth lines - this is the new "Snow-White" furniture collection by Snite


This collection is like “LEGO” construction set, it includes a wide range of elements, and a various palette of possible colors.


Комплект 3 в 1. Универсальное решение для детской комнаты с небольшим метражом.

The Kid

Creativity begins in early childhood, that's why “The Kid” furniture collection is created specially for young discoverers and explorers.

The Kid plus

Children's furniture collection "The Kid Plus" was created by us with care for the health of the litlle ones, and itsunique design promotes the development of a happy personality, open to the world and creaqtive!


In this room you may find bright-coloured houses and staircases, and the bed is like a real rainbow bridge straight to the clouds This furniture collection is functional, practical and unique.


“Zoo” series is designed for modern children and teenagers, it “grows” and “develops” together with its owner, who turns into an adult right before your eyes. This furniture is constructed taking into consideration child’s individuality and interests.