The role of images of nature in the upbringing of children.

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Appearing in the new world, the child gets acquainted with all that surrounds it.

Living and not-living objects, events and situations. Acquaintance with nature is the first condition for the education of the child’s  perception of the world. It is achieved only with constant communication with nature.

Of course, if the family lives in a small, green town or even in the village with domestic animals, the communion with nature seems to be not difficult.

And what if the child lives in a large industrial city on the 12th floor?

Of course, the nature and the living world is everywhere, but to see and notice it is much harder within hundreds of machines, high-storied buildings and equipment.

According to children’s psychologists, child perceives not all that is imprinted on the retina, but only when it focuses attention on something. Children see only what attracts their attention and what they realize that’s why it is so important to surround them with exciting images of nature and animals.

Furniture with cheerful facade: river, bridge, tiger, giraffe and even elephant will help the child to express the emotional attitude towards nature. This is quite important, since nature is one of the factors affecting the development and the formation of aesthetic feelings, creation of tastes and awakening of interest in learning.


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