Wall fantasy in child’s room

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In my opinion, a child’s room is one of the warmest and the most comfortable places in every house.

We send all our love, caress and care exactly in that room. And this is not astonishing! There is nothing more wonderful and astonishing than our babies which make us glad every minute. That is why it is natural that each parent dreams of creation of the best and the most beautiful room in the world for his child. I know this from my experience. In spite of the fact that my toddler is too little to have his own room, I and my husband are already thinking of how to organize it best. We pay the walls a particular attention. We would like to make them not only bright and colourful, but also of a reasonable price.

If you are also looking for fast and universal decision for a childlike interior, pay attention on wall transfers for a child’s room. These inexpensive decorations will create a theme or motive which may be changed or renewed in a few minutes. This is their special feature: they are elastic and can be changed quickly. The feature is particularly important for a child’s room because interior of the room may change a few times during the child’s growth.

Types  of wall transfers for child’s room

As there is a boom “make house decorations by yourself”, simple accessible wall decorations and all possible their accessories became very popular. Before this the main choice for a funny wall graphics of a child’s room was hand-made paintings or frescos on the walls. Surely the painting made by yourself for your child (and maybe even with his help) will make glad and proud both you and your child. However we don’t have this possibility every time. Those who are not artists by the nature or who are too busy would need to employ a decorative painter or designer. This is quite expensive and may cause troubles for a family budget. So wall transfers are a fast and inexpensive way to give a child’s room and particularly walls a view of valuable hand-painted frescos.

At present two main kinds of wall transfers are available – they are self-sticking and stuck by hand. Both kinds are sold in subject sets with amazing graphics of different form and size. In addition self-sticking freeze for wallpaper is available which will fascinate every child’s interior.

The self-sticking transfers are usually changeable if placed on clean flat surface such as wall or furniture. The self-sticking wall transfers are made of vinyl with a purpose of long-lasting use. Even in spite of easiness of removing these transfers it would be reasonable for you to check the wall surface if it is smooth before sticking wallpapers. In general as Russian proverb says, “Measure seven times and cut once”. It is better to spend 15 more minutes to make sure for a 100% where it is better to stick a transfer than later spend 40 minutes to replace it being in a bad mood.

Stuck-by-hand wallpaper is another kind of wall transfers presented on a market. These covered in vinyl wall transfers remind more of wallpapers. The difference is that it is easier to take care after them and they don’t need any additional measurements or cutting. Just pour some water on a wet sponge to activate glue and attach the wallpapers to any smooth surface including walls, tiles, bins, lampshades and furniture. Remember the following: to detach these wallpapers you need to moisten them before removing from the wall.


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