Colour and child’s room

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Colours, shapes and their combinations are especially important in a child’s room.

It is necessary to be the best in any job. That is why while helping children to explore themselves as early as possible and getting yourselves rid of probable problems in future as much as you can, let’s trust the acknowledged professional in creation children’s furniture – ‘Snite’ company.

Finished decisions of ‘Snite’ company

Children’s rooms "Baby" and "Small Town" are bright and colourful. They have all elements and colours needed for stimulation of development of child’s abilities and manifestation of intellectual and spiritual potentials in the first and the most productive years of a child’s life. Due to a rainbow spectre and child’s manners of treatment of different room attributes parents will be able to recognize the child’s most important traits and appearing talents at the correct time to help the child develop harmonically as much and soon as possible right away.

Furniture sets ‘L-class’ will change the surroundings when your grown-up toddler will be able to consciously choose a specific set of colours which will suit his temper and aspirations and let him freely express his thoughts.

For the teen ages which are so difficult and tense for both children and parents ‘Snite’ company will offer You many different variations of interiors ‘Bullyboom’, ‘Loft’ and ‘Line’. Their eccentrics and therapeutic effect will let Your family go through this difficult period of a personality formation in Your child without unwanted ‘emergencies’.

Psychology, therapy and colour combinations

Red colour is exciting and energetic. Red is the strongest one among all colours. This colour excites, inspires and gives energy. However, red can be a colour of anger. It is passionate and fiery, and if we use it incautiously it is possible to create a chaos.

Green is a symbol of peace and rest. It is a colour of nature. This colour gives a feeling of rest, harmony and peace. It calms and heals the soul. The green takes stress and anxiety away.

Orange symbolises inspiration and association.

It is a colour of association which possesses much power and energy. It is more restrained than red and is rather kind-hearted than passionate. Orange combines energy of red colour which is however calmed down by yellow. Orange stimulates mind activities and is good inside the buildings intended for studies.

Violet symbolises spirit and high standards. Violet combines energy of red with optimism of blue thus creating calm mood marked with feeling of something wonderful. This colour is connected to creation, idealism and mystery. Violet may inspire and give birth to new dreams.

Blue shows optimism and reliability. It is a colour of sky associated with thoughtfulness, permanence and truth. This colour calms and encourages introversion. Blue is a calm and contemplative colour. Darker versions of blue and indigo intensify intuition and stimulate imagination.

White colour symbolises innocence, purity and wisdom. It motivates a child to pay more attention to details.

Yellow is a colour of optimism. It is a colour of the sun which gives all us its invigorating energy. Yellow is fun, stimulating and bright. It activates brain activity and is able to enliven even the darkest premises.


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