The Mission of the “SNITE” company  is to bring happiness, comfort to the Customer who buys our furniture and the interior accessories, and to gain enjoyment from the happiness we bring. 

The mission of the brand “Snite”  is to encourage the development of the children’s and youth creativity by creating the coziest atmosphere in the room. 

The Values of the Snite company:

  1. The team of experts united by the same corporate spirit,
    sharing the values of  the company.
  2. The great desire to reach aims, self-perfection of each
    member of the team*.
  3. Great anticipation towards the cutomer. The urge to bring happiness by our products and our services.  High cultural standards of the service.
  4. Creation of interesting products with unique, exquisite style. High quality level of the products. 
  5. *We feel the responsibility for the development and revealing the potential of each member of the team, creating the conditions to promote the best ones.  All our officers and managers on each level of management must be talented, educated, decent, e and a good sense and understanding.


    We like the work that we do, and this helps us to be the experts in our business.

    Our awards:

    VI International Kiev furniture forum 2011. Crystal pyramid and the diploma for the best children’s room “Illusion”.

    “Innovation 2011” awarded for the youth series “Illusion”      

    Furniture exhibition “Furniture and interior, architecture and design, wood and woodworking” (Almaty, 2011). Award for high quality products.

    V International Exhibition “Furniture Club” in Moscow in 2009. “Grand Prix” in nomination “The best children’s and youth furniture 2009” for the series of youth furniture, “Loft”.

     IV Kyiv International Furniture Forum 2009. Crystal Pyramid for the best children's room “Fairy”.

    IV International Furniture Exhibition “Furniture Club” in Moscow in 2008. “Grand Prix” in the nomination “Best Children’s Room in Russia - 2008”.

    XXI International specialized exhibition “Kyiv Expo Furniture 2008”. Crystal Pyramid for the best children’s room “Town” (“Gorodok”) and award “Innovation 2008” for the concept of a child’s room, "Pirates." 

    III International Exhibition “Furniture Club” in Moscow in 2007 “Grand Prix” for the best youth and children’s furniture.

     IV Kyiv International Furniture Forum 2007. Crystal Pyramid for the best room “Tango”, as well as a diploma laureate “for creativity and high quality products” for the series of children’s furniture, “Yuki”.

    XVII International Furniture Exhibition “Kyiv Expo Furniture 2006”. Crystal Pyramid in 2006 for the best series of furniture for children’s rooms, as well as the award for “The best presentation of products.”

    IV International festival “Kyiv Fashion 2003”.

    XI international specialized exhibition “Kyiv Expo Meblі” (“Kyiv Expo Furniture”)  2003. Diploma for the best exposition of domestic products.

    The national branding program “Leaders of the XXI century”, 2002. Sign of quality “The HIGHEST PROBE” for the products of high quality, competitive furniture with the brand “SNITE”.

    X International specialized exhibition “Euro Expo Furniture 2002”(Moscow).

    The exhibition “Expo Furniture 2001”(Moscow).

    IX International specialized exhibition-fair  “Euro Expo Furniture 2001”(Moscow).

    The exhibition “Primus: furniture manufacturing 2000 (Kiev). Diploma for the successful promotion of the brand “SNITE on the Ukrainian market”.

    VII international exhibition "Primus: woodworking manufacturing 2000” (Kiev). Diploma for the successful correlation of the prize and products.

    The exhibition “Primus interior and  furniture  ’99” (Kiev). Diploma for the best exposition of domestic products.

    IV International Exhibition of Fashion and Style, Furniture and Interiors “Kyiv Expo Style ’99”

    IV International Specialized Exhibition “Kyiv Expo Meblі ’99.(“Kyiv Expo Furniture”).  Diploma for the best presentation of domestic products.