Discount program “Friend club”

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We have gathered best children’s companies for you which take care of a child’s development, his knowledge and a wonderful life in a fairy tale. 



Dear friend!
We have united our efforts to provide better conditions for purchasing and using our services, to tell you about interesting competitions and offers, to invite you for our celebrations and make a present of even more emotions and gifts.
Entering the “Friend club” you get a ‘Friend card’ which operates in all networks of partner companies and provides you the following privileges:

— Permanent discount for products and services*
— Accumulating bonus system which can be exchanged for valuable gifts
— Invitation for competitions, actions and children celebrations

We guarantee that a friendship with us will be very fun, cognitive and pleasant!

*Discounts for the following companies:
Company salons of the ‘Snite’ children furniture in Kyiv – 5-10% discount depending on the value of an order.
Company ‘Vesela nauka’ – 10% discount for holding celebrations and show-programmes and one free seminary lesson by previous registration.
Family restaurant ‘Baby Bar’ – 10% discount for main menu of the restaurant (apart of banquets).